Burned election signs discovered behind church

Signs scattered behind church. / Lee County Sheriffs

For the second time this week a political candidate is coming forward about signs being stolen from sites around the area.

First it was Dougherty County School Board at Large candidate Dr. Anita Williams-Brown and now Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals is facing the same problem for his re-election signs.

During election season tensions can get heated between candidates and the people who back them. Sometimes there are even those who'll go as far as sabotaging a campaign.

"Every year political candidates put their signs out trying to get some votes and every year someone who doesn't appreciate it comes by and takes the sign up," says Leesburg Mayor Jim Quinn.

Calls came flooding in to the Lee County Sheriff's Department that Reggie Rachals signs were missing and not long after the complaints, came someone with a tip of where the signs went.

32 election signs were found in a wooded area behind the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church. At $8.00 each that's over $250 worth of stolen merchandise.

"There could have been more because I've had other calls from the past on signs being removed," says Rachals.

Wednesday the church landscaper found the items scattered and damaged. Some had been burned, while others were covered in tire tracks.

While officials follow up on leads, they're asking anyone with information to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office or Crime Stoppers.

"You might have thought you were seeing something innocent and it wasn't and it was actually someone removing the signs for wrongful reasons," says Rachals.

He says this plea for public cooperation is not only about his campaign but other candidates who may deal with the same issue in the future.

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