Boaters gear up for 48-mile adventure

More than 100 boaters are ready for the 48-mile adventure down the Flint River./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

More than 100 boaters are making their way through a 48-mile adventure down the Flint River.

The Fall Float on the Flint kicked off on Friday, and boaters of all from all ages are out on the water this weekend.

This 48-mile trip does last three days, and they start in Baconton and end near Bainbridge.

According to experts, the Flint River is a magical river. It has blue holes, limestones and springs under the river that bubble.

Boaters get maps for places of interest they can stop by and check out along their journey.

The goal is for people to feel motivated to protect rivers in their own town.

“The best way for people to protect our rivers is for them to have a relationship with the river,” Paddle Georgia Coordinator Joe Cook said. “The best place to start a relationship is to actually get out on the river, see what it is and start that relationship.”

There are people from Hawaii, Texas, Vermont, Kansas and more that come for this trip.

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