Boater safety a priority at Department of Natural Resources

Boater safety a priority as temperatures rise.

Photo: FOX 31

As temperatures continue to rise and boating season ramps up, the Department of Natural Resources wants to make sure boaters are being safe out on the water.

According to Game Warden first class Eric White, it's important to keep in mind that there have been quite a few deaths in the last few years related to boater safety.

In order to be safe, White says it's important to become familiar with the area your going to be boating and always keep a close watch on weather conditions.

White adds that it's important to be extra cautious on boats because they don't operate like vehicles do.

"One thing that separates a vessel from a car out there on the road is that it has no brakes. We have rules on the water just like you do on the road but, boats don't steer as easily as vehicles do.," said White.

White adds that you will be charged if you are operating a boat under the influence.

If you plan on consuming alcohol, always have a designated operator.

Over the course of the year, different boater safety courses will be offered in person and online. For more information on class times and locations, you can visit

This weekend, there will be a safe aquatic fun for everyone course offered at Sutton's landing from 10 a.m. until noon.

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