Blue Angels Captain soars into Sherwood Acres and Albany High

Captain Donnie Cochran speaks to students at Sherwood Acres Elementary School. / Todd Bailey

A Blue Angel Naval Aviator from Pelham visited two schools in Albany on Thursday.

The Blue Angels goal is to boost Navy and Marine Corps recruiting efforts and this group represents the naval service of the United States.

Captain Donnie Cochran spoke at Albany High and Sherwood Acres Elementary.

It was at Sherwood Acres where students asked him about his most interesting air show, which he says was in San Francisco, California, where he got a chance to fly by the Golden Gate bridge.

His message to the group of fifth graders he spoke with was to "have a passion" and having fun at what you do is important. He also talked about the importance of getting higher education after twelfth grade and having a purpose helps with being successful.

After twenty-four years, he retired from the Navy and now works with the Coca-Cola Company.

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