Beware of social media dangers

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Malayasia Dexter and Kiara Thompson use social media quite often. But they're more hesitant to meet people that they've met on line.

"If I don't know the person or know someone that knows you i'm probably not going to write you back," says Thompson.

The girls say on the internet no one's safe.

"I really try to make sure they're actually the person I'm talking to. Nowadays people make fake pages,"says Dexter.

When meeting someone on one of these apps, Dexter's top concern is verifying that person's identity.

She says she does a lot of research on the person. Then when it's time to meet up, the duo said they take major precautions.

Thompson says,"I would meet somewhere that's not private. We could go to a restaurant or park some where where there's a lot of people. I would have my own transportation so I can leave when I want to."

Dexter says when it comes to online dating you have to stay vigilant.

"You have to be cautious. You never know what someone's true intentions are."

Thompson says keeping a level head is also a major key, "be smart don't be blinded by the fact that this girl or guy wants to talk to you."

According to a detective with the Albany Police Department, the girls were off to a great start.

The detective said if your'e meeting someone in person that you've met online drive your own car.

And don't go straight home after the meet-up.

She also said meet in a public place and let family and friends know where you 'll be.

Lastly, she said don't go to the meet up with a lot of money on you.

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