Beautillion Club raises $40,000, gives thousands to organizations

Beautillion Club raises $40,000, gives thousands to organizations./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Multiple organizations in Albany received donations to help better serve the community.

The 2018 Beautillion Club raised more than $40,000 and gave $14,000 to other organizations.

These organizations include the Flint River Habitat for Humanity, Cancer Coalition, Open Arms, NAMI and more.

The club is a group of high school junior and senior boys that train to make a difference.

“We're teaching them how to go out and be leaders,” Charlice Dukes, Beautillion Committee, said. “We teach them that part of that stewardship is being a part and giving back to their community. That, to us, is a strong part in being a man."

The Flint River Habitat for Humanity received $3,000 that'll go to the future Jack and Jill house.

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