BBB warns about digital wallet fraud

BBB warns about digital wallet fraud./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Using your phone to pay for different things is becoming more common, but can using your phone to pay be dangerous?

Sending someone money on Cash App, Venmo or Apple Pay can be extremely convenient, but it can open the door for someone to have access to your account.

The Better Business Bureau says they've seen an increase in cases of people getting bank information from digital wallets.

Digital wallets links bank accounts, credit and debit cards to an app.

Vice President of Operations Jason Blankenship says if someone steals or you lose your phone, your personal banking information is being compromised.

He says you also need to be careful when using your phone to pay for things and you're connected to public WiFi.

“We are seeing more and more hijacking through free WiFi hotspots,” Blankenship said.

Blankenship says the quicker you get on the problem, the greater chance you have of quickly solving the issue.

You should check your account regularly and create passwords that can't easily be figured out.

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