Backup plan for lack of fire hydrants

A fire hydrant in Albany. / Jessica Fairley

After a fire on Collins Street, residents have expressed concern about limited fire hydrants in the area.

Albany fire officials say although there is no official set of rules, each hydrant should be spaced about 500 feet from the next. That's equates to about one hydrant per half block.

The closer the hydrant is to the fire, the more water pressure firefighters have to use.

However, even if there aren't hydrants located close by Albany fire officials still have a plan in place.

"We always send three trucks to every structure fire. Each truck carries 1,000 gallons of water. So even if there are not hydrants close by we carry enough water on our vehicles to handle 95 percent of the fires we go to," said Asst. Fire Chief George Cravey, Albany Fire Department.

Dougherty County has more than 4,000 fire hydrants that are checked twice a year.

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