Baby dies while at Albany day care

Updated Friday, Sept. 30 at 9:45 p.m.

Child Death Team Investigator Greg Blackmon says an autopsy report shows no signs of trauma in the 15-month-old. He says they are waiting for a toxology report and a review of medical records.

Original Story

The Child Death Team is investigating the death of a 15-month-old boy at an Albany day care.

Investigator Greg Blackmon says the child was put down for a nap at a day care in Byne Memorial Baptist Church. He says around the normal time the facilitators wake the child up, the 15-month-old was unresponsive.

EMS were called to the scene and the child was later pronounced dead at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Blackmon says the cause of death is unknown at this time, but he says to his knowledge the baby was not ill. He says they are pulling medical records on the child.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

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