ATC honors Veterans Day

As people filed into the center, there were images of soldiers flashing on the screens. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Students at Albany Technical College filled the Kirkland Conference Center to honor Veterans Day.

As people walked in there were images of soliders flashing on the screens.

The assembly is held every to show the importance of the holiday.

This year, the speaker was Representative Darrel Bush Ealum.

He was introduced by his daughter, Jo Ealum.

Jo Ealum and her father both served in the military.

Representative Ealum wanted to encourage students to serve. He said, "It’s one thing I assure you will never regret having served. Never, and it’s because our nation now is being so thankful and so appreciative of our veterans and it hasn’t always been that way.”

When Ealum was just nineteen he lost his twin brother in vVetnam.

Ealum recalls his brother did not come home to a thankful nation after having served.

This is the fifth year Albany Technical College has held this assembly.

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