ASU students react to recent shooting

On Saturday night at 10:15, ASU police responded to shots fired in front of residence halls one and two.

The campus was then on lock down until about 12:30 Sunday morning.

Two individuals were shot and are being treated at the hospital with non- life threatening injuries, according to a statement issued by Albany State University.

"It was a normal Saturday, says ASU freshman Omole Waperry.

Waperry was sitting in his room at Residence Hall Two when he heard the shots. "We really didn’t know what it was like we thought it might’ve been some fireworks or something and then we just went back doing what we were doing until we got the email saying that they were shooting on campus."

Freshman Alicia Cunningham was at the fair at the time of the shooting.

“You could tell everyone that went to Albany State who was at the fair because everybody’s phone started buzzing at the same time. We got an email that there was a shooting in front of hall one and two,” says Cunningham.

When Cunningham and her friends got back from the fair, the campus was on lock down.

“We couldn’t park anywhere down here. There weren’t any lights on. They were stopping all the cars coming through. And this was taped up, we couldn’t walk through her to get to our dorms."

For Cunnigham, Monday was back to business as usual. But she did feel not as safe as before.

She said “They don’t know who did it, so it’s like I could be walking with the person that just shot up campus.”

She shared what she thought couuld improve safety on campus. She suggested stricter access to the campus.

“It’s easy access on this campus, anybody could get on this campus at anytime so they need to make sure of whose ASU students and whose not."

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