ASU student-led task force to help increase student enrollment, overall experience

ASU launched the Student Engagement Experience Task Force to help increase enrollment and overall student experience./ Credit: Alexandria Ikomoni

Albany State University students are taking charge to help increase enrollment.

ASU launched the Student Engagement Experience Task Force to help improve students’ experience while attending the university, and it’ll ultimately help increase enrollment that recently dropped 7.6 percent.

“The task force primarily focuses on the students’ overall experience here at Albany State University from the time that they step foot on Albany State’s campus to the time that they graduate,” DeAndre Cochrane, Student Government Association Vice President, said.

This is a student led task force that’ll hopefully help bring more students.

“Anything that’s going on with the students, the students have a big voice in it,” Cochrane said. “I know that every decision that’ll be made will be primarily focused on the students and the institution moving forward.”

The task force will focus on three areas. The first year experience, student engagement and student services provided to everyone.

“One of the things we’re trying to do is increase retention so the students that are here will stay here, provide them with some substance, and the tools and resources that they need,” he said.

This is a joint effort with other organizations on campus.

“We’re doing everything that we can to make the experience for each student enjoyable,” he said. “I’m hopeful because I know that Albany State is doing everything they can to make sure that the enrollment increases.”

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