ASU partners with UCLA to offer tution-free post-undergrad degrees

    UCLA representatives speak to ASU students about the opportunity available through the UC-HBCU program.

    Albany State University will soon have a presence in California.

    That's thanks to a new initiative that the university is a part of, called UC-HBCU Initiative, that allows students to go any of 10 universities in California, tuition-free to complete their Masters and Doctoral Degrees.

    Students would be eligible for the free education program by first conducting an eight-week summer research program at UCLA which includes a stipend and lodging. Once the student completes the research program, if the student applies to one of the universities and is accepted, the tuition is waived for the student to complete up through his or her doctoral degree.

    On Wednesday, representatives from UCLA visited ASU to speak to students and tell them more about the program. The purpose behind the program is to help diversify the university experience with students from all over and from all different backgrounds.

    Florence Lyons, Associate Professor of Speech, was the catalyst behind bringing this program to ASU. She said this means a lot for the future of the university.

    "It propels us forward I think. We already have so many initiatives on campus already. This is just an additional one that's going to provide for our students. That's what we're here for, the students. So we're thrilled about it," said Lyons.

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