Ashburn city leaders, officers work to fix downtown

Ashburn city leaders and the Ashburn Police Department is working to clean up downtown Ashburn by getting stores up to code./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Ashburn city leaders and officers are working together to fix downtown Ashburn, and help bring pride back to the people.

Over the years, 10 businesses downtown have been abandoned.

Ashburn police took over code enforcement to help regulate the city. They are currently contacting business owners by sending them certified mail to let them know that their store isn’t up to code.

If it isn’t taken care of in a timely manner, business owners will be taken to court.

The city wants to bring more businesses to town to help avoid people leaving to get things they need. Years ago, downtown was filled with shops, and locals can get almost everything they needed. The city is working to make that a reality again.

“We got people calling us almost every day on a weekly basis to find small businesses here in Ashburn, but we don’t have the location for them,” Ashburn Police Chief Clifford Jordan said.

Chief Jordan said with businesses coming to town, it will have an economic impact, and more job opportunities will be available.

Business owners are asked to contact the Ashburn Police Department, 229.567.2323, so both parties come to an understanding to move forward in a peaceful manner.

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