As temperatures drop, Salvation Army expects an increase

As temperatures drop, The Salvation Army expects an increase of people seeking shelter. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

This week The Salvation Army is welcoming all that need a warm place to stay.

When the weather gets below 45 degrees, The Salvation Army opens its doors for people without homes.

They provide beds and mats for free. They also serve breakfast and dinner for free.

In the past few weeks, they haven't seen as many people as normal. But, they're expecting more people this week.

Lt. Rebecca Sullivan said, "A lot of people here need shelter. If they need shelter, they just need to know The Salvation Army is here to provide a warm, hot meal and a warm bed."

For those that need a place to stay, all you need is a photo ID.

Sullivan says if you don't have a photo ID, they provide free services to help you get one on designated days.

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