Arrive Alive Tour stops in Albany

High school students simulated an accident cause by distracted driving. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Unite’s Arrive Alive Tour made a stop in Albany on Wednesday afternoon. It took place at Albany State's Student Center.

The event focuses on teaching people the dangers of distracted driving. The tour does so by having attendees take part in various simulators.

One of those simulators puts you behind the wheel of the car with goggles on. The goggles impair your eyesight and delay your reaction time to simulate what it may be like driving drunk.

Micha Harper, a high school senior, said the simulator made her eyesight blurry and delayed her reactions making it very difficult to drive.

Some high school and college students are now more educated on the potential consequences distracted driving may have.

Harper also said, “I learned to keep my phone out of my hand and not to text and drive anymore and its really important not to drink or drive also.”

Some Albany police officers were present and shared some legal consequences of distracted driving. Officer Marita Williams shared if you are driving under the influence you could face jail time and if you are texting and driving you may get a fine that you could have avoided.

Arrive Alive also demonstrated a fake accident scene. In the fake accident a drunk driver hit a pedestrian and the passengers in the car flew out from the impact of the hit.

Ayron Austin, team leader with Arrive Alive, said, “Instead of us just coming here and setting up a boring PowerPoint and saying don’t text and drive, don’t drink and drive, this is a fun and interactive way of teaching those lessons."

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