APD gunslingers test out shooting skills

APD officers test to see if they qualify to carry a firearm. / Jessica Fairley

In order to carry a gun, Albany police officers have to go through a series of tests to qualify.

This week officers are in training.

During the course, they go over different scenarios to prepare for a real life gunfight.

In the 30 round training session, each shot counts anywhere from eight to ten points and each trainee must make 240 or above to pass the test, with 300 being a perfect. score.

"If they don't make it we'll send them back to remedial training. We'll bring them back and work with them until they qualify and if they don't qualify then I guess they are out of a job," said Cpl. Jean Casseus, Albany Police Officer of the Year.

Although job loss could result from failing scores, Casseus says it hasn't happened since he's been a trainer.

One of APD's top shooters says the purpose of the course is to build up the officers' confidence and make sure they're prepared for what could happen.

"A lot of the time you can get nervous and not have an effective shooting. So I try to tell people to calm down and remember their fundamentals," said APD Detective Eric Rozier.

Each officer is taught the proper way to handle a firearm, so if they have to use it they'll be fewer mistakes.

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