Another illegal dumping site found on Mobile Ave.

    Trash was found piled up along Mobile Avenue on Thursday. Public works crews will have it cleaned up next week//Photo: Kailey McCarthy

    Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard says he noticed an illegal dumping site Thursday night on Mobile Avenue.

    Howard says these eye sores don't just degrade the city, but also cost taxpayers.

    Howard says that you can take up to 250 pounds of items to the Dougherty County Landfill free of charge rather than dumping it illegally.

    When a person does choose to illegally dump, a crew from public works has to take the trash to the landfill.

    This can cost taxpayers an additional expense on their garbage bill.

    Howard says city leaders will continue to educate the public on illegal dumping.

    If you're caught dumping items, you can be fined up to $1,000.

    Howard adds that it takes the community to stop this behavior once and for all.

    "To see this, you begin to wonder what is it going to take to put everybody on the same page, to say 'enough is enough' and to make sure that this is the Good Life City and we want to keep it peachy clean," said Howard.

    If you do catch a person illegally dumping, get their license plate number and a description of their vehicle.

    Howard says you should never approach the vehicle, but instead call 911.

    The dumping site on Mobile Avenue is expected to be cleaned up early next week.

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