Annual meeting determines ways to save quail

    Annual meeting determines ways to save quail. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter<p>{/p}

    Dozens of people from across the country are in Albany with a common goal.

    TThey're trying to save the Bob White Quail.

    According to the Director of the National Bob White Conservation Initiative, Don McKenzie, the Bob White Quail population is declining.

    McKenzie says the decline is caused by habitat loss.

    The annual meeting's goal is to continue to come up with solutions to have humans share the land with quail so that both parties can thrive, according to McKenzie.

    McKenzie says, "Bob White Quail are an iconic species across much of the country and rural America. I like to say that that's a bird that every body loves and nobody ever gets tired off."

    People traveled from 25 states for this annual meeting.

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