Annual Georgia Peanut Tour kicks off in Albany

31st Annual Georgia Peanut Tour kicks off on Tuesday./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni 

The 31st Annual Georgia Peanut Tour kicked off Tuesday in Albany.

All attendees are getting a first-hand look at how one of Georgia’s leading crops is produced.

Organizers wanted all attendees to understand that the state is working to produce quality peanuts.

During the tour, they’ll see how it’s taken from the ground, researched, experimented and more.

“This is very important,” UGA Extension Soil Scientist Glen Harris said. “This is our chance to show the people that buy our peanuts, and put them into the peanut product how we grow and process peanut to get them a good and quality crop.”

According to Harris, the recent weather patterns did not affected the peanut crop, and they are expecting a good year.

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