Animal shelters see low holiday adoption numbers

The Lee County Animal Shelter says they adopted out very few animals compared to past years / Sarah Bleau

Animal shelters say many have come in their doors to adopt a dog or cat as a Christmas gift, but this year for at least one shelter, it was a different story.

The Lee County Animal Shelter says their adoptions are down compared to previous years, and they say the economy played a factor in the low adoption numbers.

Last December they adopted out 13 dogs and six cats. This year, they say only two dogs and two cats found homes.

"We did have some puppies that were born here and we brought them back when they were old enough to be in foster homes, so all them, five or six, are in foster homes. Other than that the adoption was not real good," says Jackie Grigg, Lee County Animal Control Supervisor.

While adoptions were low the shelter did say they have not had any brought back this year. They say occasionally when pets are bought as Christmas gifts for others, the animals are brought back.

Currently at the shelter there are 19 dogs and more than 30 cats.

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