Albany Tech unveils new Logistics Education Center

Albany Tech held a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday afternoon for their new Logistics Education Center

It's been ten years in the making: Albany Technical College finally unveiled its new Logistics Education Center.

The new Logistics Education Center will not only give students a media center, auditorium, culinary institute and student center, it's also giving them an opportunity to work with the Logistics Command at the Marine Corps Base in Albany.

"Literally from the time that the maintenance center has been there, tech college graduates have gone on to work at that base in civilian jobs," says Dr. Anthony Parker, President at Albany Technical College.

"Albany Tech helps us maintain our workforce and they answer all of our needs," says Col. Terence Reid, Commander at the Maintenance Center Albany. "Just last year we wanted to instill a Lean Six Sigma program. We brought that to the Board of Directors, and Dr. Parker and his staff willingly and within a years time established a Lean Six Sigma program that we are actively pursuing and using now."

The auditorium, the computer classroom and the conference training center at the Logistics Education Center are purpose built for their Logistics Education Associate Degree Diploma to help employ and train employees at the Marine Corps Logistic Base's Maintenance Center.

"We have what we call a LOGCOM Academy where we come over multiple times a year and now that Albany Tech has this nice, big facility and this beautiful auditorium, we're going to take advantage of that," says Reid.

"Doing short term training for STUs and for long term classroom training for both people in Albany and at this site, at the base, potential in any other places around the world," says Parker. "If you think about what they do, they repair and modernize equipment, and they need individuals with technical skills."

The new facility also has a lot of digital and online focuses to accommodate the marines.

"We had a captain that taught a course from Afghanistan and we had a lady who was a Master Gunnery Sergeant actually taking that course in Iraq at the time," says Parker.

Parker says the inspiration for the Logistics Education Center came after 9/11, when he wanted to give help to the Marine Corps Logistics Base with support, training and new employees.

"We knew that they were going to be needing additional equipment in the Marine Corps to support the marine war fighter, and we hear more and more about how that equipment comes back to Albany consistently and is repaired and reconditioned moved along to the next destination," says Parker. "So we knew that we would have to be prepared to do more and it was a matter of having successful colonels from the maintenance center on our board to tell us what we need to do and we attempted to respond as best we could."

In his comments during the ribbon cutting, Mayor Willie Adams says Parker may be near-sighted, but he's far-sighted in his vision for Albany Tech.

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