Albany State University students respond to Florida high school shooting

Albany State University students respond to Florida high school shooting.

With more than a week to process the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, some students here in Albany feel that more needs to be done, and they don't feel completely safe until things are accomplished.

The shooting was a tragedy felt across the nation.

"The Florida school shooting caught me by surprise,” Alexandria Sims, Albany State University junior, said. "I was not expecting anything like that to happen."

But the resilient high schoolers in Florida are standing up and fighting to bring national change. They want to make sure this country doesn't see another mass and school shooting again.

“In the past we've had shootings in schools, and now is the time to do something,” Sims said.

President Trump says schools need to have specially trained and prepared teachers carry guns on school grounds.

"I do believe that it's a good idea to allow teachers to have weapons, but it's not enough,” Sims said.

Albany State University students believe more can be done.

"We need more security and more armed officers,” Brandon Hall, ASU junior, said.

They don't feel completely safe where they are because they believe a school shooting can potentially happen in any city.

“It's an open campus, and it's a public college,” Hall said.

Students say with the law allowing license gun holders carry weapons on campus, it can help because they can protect themselves. They add it an also potentially be destructive because they do have a weapon that can harm others on campus.

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