Albany State expects steady enrollment for upcoming year

ASU said new services like "Ram Central" are designed to help students register early and easily. / Mary Green

Classes will start a month from Friday for Albany State University's fall semester, and university officials believe they'll have about as many students for the upcoming year as they did last year.

Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services Stephanie Lawrence said they expect to have between 6,400 and 6,600 students this year. Last year, she said their enrollment was just above 6,600 students.

ASU will not know exactly how many students are enrolled for the semester until the fall.

But Lawrence said the school's new student success initiative is working to attract and keep those students at the university.

"We are working with the academics department and enrollment management," she said. "We're all coming together to make sure that we have early alerts for students who may need some additional support in the classroom and things of that nature. So we're working really hard to make sure that we retain and recruit qualified students."

ASU said new services like "Ram Central," a one-stop shop for admissions, registrar, student accounts and financial aid questions, are designed to help students register early and easily.

If you're a new or returning ASU student and haven't registered yet for the upcoming year, the school said you should contact them immediately.

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