Albany Police Chief, community leaders discuss crime at forum

On Thursday night, the Albany Police Department held a Criminal Justice Forum open to the public.Photo: Kailey McCarthy

On Thursday night, the Albany Police Department held a Criminal Justice Forum that was open to the public.

A panel of community leaders, including Albany Police Chief Michael Persley, Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul, District Attorney Greg Edwards, Dougherty County Police Chief Jackie Battle and Juvenile Court Senior Judge Herbie Solomon spoke to a packed audience at the Albany Police Department.

The discussion ranged from ways the criminal justice system works to specific concerns people brought up.

Police Chief Michael Persley says there are four main points the department is focused on, including continued reliance on citizen's support, a focus on part II crimes, the use of all available resources and a continued support of community organizations.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards says there needs to be tougher gun laws for people who've already been convicted of a crime.

As for Senior Judge Herbie Solomon, he says there aren't enough recreational activities for children to enjoy after school and that needs to be addressed.

"The quality of life issues are issues that make a community vibrant, and if we have a poor quality of life, that's going to cause some of these issues that we have," said Solomon.

City Commissioner Jon Howard hosted Thursday night's forum. He holds a number of town halls throughout the year.

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