Albany lounge to host breast cancer awareness event

Northside Lounge is hosting their "Think Pink" event this Saturday./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

A local lounge is showing their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month this weekend, and they need the community to show their support too.

Northside lounge off of Slappey Boulevard is hosting their "Think Pink" event this Saturday.

They are raising money to give to eight ladies who are either breast cancer survivors or are currently battling breast cancer. There will be a speaker, poets, food, music and more.

According to organizers, the community’s support is needed to help those who have or had breast cancer.

“Anytime you’re going through an illness or disease that can be terminal like that, you need that support and to know that they’re people out there that support you, and you can reach out to them,” Patricia Jordan, organizer, said. “I think that is very important.”

If you’re interested in getting tickets or donation, you can call Northside Lounge at 229-496-6953.

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