Albany High students learn proper way to protest

In the wake of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, students at Albany High School held a mock protest to help them better understand their First Amendment rights. / Doug Reardon

The protests in Ferguson, Missouri following the police shooting death of teenager Michael Brown have gripped the nation for the past few weeks. And now, students at Albany High School may have a better understanding of the events taking place there thanks to a hands-on exercise Friday morning.

In an exercise designed to better teach students about their first amendment rights, Dr. Marcus Glass of the Albany High School created a peaceful protest exercise that incorporated nearly 200 AHS students.

The purpose of the demonstration was to teach students the difference between a protest and a riot â" and to help them better understand their right to peacefully assemble.

The majority of the students acted as protesters â" holding signs and chanting as they walked towards the front of the school. Another handful of students posed as police, wearing full riot gear and standing in line to meet the oncoming protesters.

"I think it was awesome. I think the students were motivated and I think they were ready for it," said Glass. "They were really excited about doing this and I think they had a great time showing the world, showing Albany, Georgia and showing everyone that 'we know how to protest and this is the right way to get it done.'"

"It felt good to be marching for something because we're going to be grownups sooner or later and we need to know how to go about things instead of doing things harmfully," said Malisha Jones, and Albany High student and protest participant.

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