Albany Fire Dept. gives tips to avoid a Christmas tree disaster

Albany Fire Department gives tips to avoid a Christmas tree disaster./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Some people are already in the Christmas spirit, and are putting up their decorations.

The Albany Fire Department encourages the community to be careful and protect their homes from potential fires.

Christmas trees shouldn’t be lit all night because it can catch on fire. When you start unpacking the decorations, check for worn out wires or wires you can see.

If you’re using a real tree, make sure you give the tree enough water every day.

“If the tree isn’t getting enough water, it’ll start doing what trees do naturally when it doesn’t get enough water,” Battalion Chief Keith Ambrose said. “It’ll start drying out, and the needles will start falling off. They become very dry, and they will get to the point where they can actually ignite. A lit Christmas tree will burn hotter than a gallon of gasoline.”

Ambrose says to use tree light-approved cords, and if you can’t plug it directly into the outlet, use a surge protector.

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