Albany farmer and pastor to be featured on 'FarmHer'

Albany farmer and pastor to be featured on FarmHer. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Charlene Glover, the CEO of Healthy Living Farms and Minister at Trumpet of God Ministries will be featured on a TV Show called FarmHer.

FarmHer is a TV show that highlights women in agriculture.

Glover says she's very honored, She's also the first person from Albany to be featured on the show.

But she won't be in town for much longer. Later this year, Glover and her church will be heading to Texas. Healthy Living and her church will be going too.

On the show she shares her story and vision for the farm, which was started out of her ministry.

Glover says, "Healthy Living Farms is an affiliate of Trumpet of God Ministries and Training Center and we talked about farming and here we are."

Glover says she, "realized we had some real systemic health issues and some of it had to do with nutrition and poor diet and not having farm fresh food so we had the idea that we wanted to bring some solutions to our community."

The farm became the first USDA urban organic farm established in Dougherty County, according to Glover.

She adds, "We are licensed under the USDA organic seal to grow about 32 vegetables and herbs as organic."

As Glover and her team prepare for the move to the Lone Star State she says, "I hope that our legacy will continue by someone who has the same passion and ambition to serve our community with farm fresh foods and be able to use it as an educational tool."

For now the farm is up for sale and she hopes the next owner will grow food for the community and pass it down for generations to come.

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