Albany thrives as Georgia ranks number one for business

Albany thrives as Georgia ranks number one for business./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Georgia is the number one place for business, and the Peach State has held this title for the past five years.

Albany Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Barbara River Holmes says Georgia, and more locally Albany, is attractive for business because of infrastructure, good people, and more.

Outside businesses looking to come to Albany pay attention to the City's ability to support a variety of different industries and jobs.

"Some of the things that set Albany apart is its infrastructure, location, cost of doing business and the partnerships that we have in place that support business growth and expansion,” Rivera-Holmes said.

She adds that many local businesses are thriving in town.

The Chamber sees a great deal of energy surrounding the City with new businesses coming to the area, and they hope to see the growth continue.

The newest addition coming to Albany is Downtown Dawsyn Boutique.

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