Affordable Care Act deadline quickly approaching

The deadline to enroll for the Affordable Care Act is this Friday, December 15th.

Photo: Kailey McCarthy

The December 15 deadline to enroll for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act is now only days away.

On Saturday, Phoebe hosted a free assistance event to help residents get enrolled on the spot.

64 clients came out to the free event with 24 receiving insurance.

According to Phoebe Corporate Director for Patient Access Jerry Colson, every individual case is different based on your income and yearly earnings.

“Every situation is different so just because maybe some other family member or neighbor that you know of had a high deductible or a high premium with the Affordable Care Act doesn’t necessarily mean that you will experience that. Every case is different and it’s based upon you and your income," said Colson.

Colson says he has seen premiums for as low at $16 a month. If you don't register by Friday, the next opportunity to enroll will be late next year.
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