Adel family remembers daughter after death in January storm

These 7 candles represent the the 7 lives that were lost in Cook County in the January 22nd tornado last year. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Community members gathered at the Cook County Courthouse on Monday evening to remember the lives that were lost in last year's tornado.

In Adel, one of the most damaged areas was the Sunshine Acres mobile home park. In Cook County, seven people lost their lives. At Monday's vigil seven candles were lit to represent them.

Jamie Livingston lost his daughter Alexis Livingston in the storm. A year later the family is still dealing with the loss.

Livingston says the past year has been filled with “a lot of hurt, a lot of sorrow, missing our 19 year-old daughter.”

Alexis Livingston was a college student and getting ready to get her own place.“She was the type of person that would give you the shirt off her back. She played soccer at Cook County and at her college for one year. Wherever she went, she was well-loved.”

As a result of his tragic loss, Jamie Livingston started a petition 6 months ago to make storm shelters mandatory in mobile home parks. The petition can be found on

“So far we have 867 signatures,” said Jamie Livingston.

Their original goal was 500 signatures. Next, they have to meet with a representative and take it from there.

As for The Livingston family, the memory of Alexis has been getting them through.

“Knowing our daughter would’ve wanted us to push through and be tough and keep going,” says the girl's father.

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