ADDU release new details on multi-alias man caught with drugs

ADDU Captain Prurince Dice during a 3 p.m. presser. / Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit investigators have released new details on a man arrested November 21 with multiple aliases and ties to a federal investigation.

ADDU agents say they are still working to identify the 40-year-old man identified as Michael Walker despite Walker giving them over 20 aliases, then telling officers to just pick one.

Walker is facing charges in Dougherty County of trafficking marijuana, obstruction, identity fraud, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and window tint violation.

Outside of Georgia, ADDU Captain Prurince Dice says that law enforcement officials in Florida are looking at Walker for identity theft. Federal law enforcement officials are also looking at him in connection to a murder case, but further details were not given.

Dice says that Walker was originally stopped in Dawson in a different vehicle and believe he was just passing through the area.

Walker was caught in Albany after his vehicle was stopped for illegal window tint according to officers and after they had probable cause, found 11 pounds of marijuana worth $13,200 and a firearm in the vehicle.

While searching the vehicles, officers say Walker made a run for it, but was quickly captured.

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