ADDU: Local drug bust to lead to larger arrest

ADDU says local drug bust to lead to larger bust./ Photo: Alexandria Ikomoni

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit says a local drug bust can lead to a larger bust and more arrests in the near future.

On Tuesday, Albany police were doing their patrol, and they noticed people illegally loitering at Brother's Corner Store. It spiraled from there.

Reginald Lawshawn Merritt, 34, ran away from officers. When they caught Merritt, he was found with cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and tramadol pills.

The drugs totaled to roughly $1,100.

ADDU was looking for information to lead to his supplier because of the amount that was found.

"We don't stop there, Major Pruince Dice said. “We do have active investigations going to try and link to Mr. Merritt to other sources here in the city or outside of the city."

Merritt was charged with possession and intent to distribute and obstruction of law enforcement officers.

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