ADDU hopes to put dealers out of business

ADDU hopes to put dealers out of business. / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Over $75,000 worth of illegal drugs, firearms and money is off Albany streets.

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit seized these items over four incidents within the last month.

In the last two weeks, the unit made nine arrests.

On Tuesday afternoon the unit made three out of those nine arrests after a search at an apartment on Swift Avenue.

In Monday's bust, the unit took the suspects car, rims and televisions.

Major Dice over the unit says they do this in hopes of putting alleged drug dealers out of business permanently.

Dice says "If we catch you selling drugs we're going to take your assets and we're going to file asset forfeiture on it so that you won't have an opportunity to be a nuisance in this community again."

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