Abandoned Mobile Home Act could affect Southwest Georgia

The Abandoned Mobile Home Act would allow land owners to work with a local inspector to get rid of the eye sore.

Photo: WFXL

When driving through Southwest Georgia and other parts of the state, it's not out of the ordinary to come across abandoned mobile homes.

State Representative Darrel Ealum of Albany with the help of John Corbett of Valdosta are currently creating legislation to get rid of some of these eye sores around town.

Ealum says that often times, these abandoned mobile homes become home to drug users and prostitutes.

He says at one abandoned mobile home on Clark Avenue, a prostitute was found dead.

Since then, Ealum himself has removed 12 homes from the mobile home park on Clark Ave.

He says this new legislation will allow land owners to work with a local inspector to get rid of these eye sores.

"This bill is going to help our land owners and our local municipalities have a plan, a streamlined inexpensive plan for it to be resolved in magistrate court without an attorney to authorize the land owners to dispose of these old homes," said Ealum.

Recently, the House passed the bill 164 - 0. The next step is for the bill to go to the Senate.

Ealum says he is confident the Senate will pass the bill and Governor Deal will sign it into law.

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