A look back: January 2nd storm rips through SWGA

A look back: January 2nd storm rips through SWGA / Photo: Danielle Ledbetter

Last January, storms swept through Southwest Georgia bringing millions of dollars in damage and leaving many without homes.

Jenna Wirtz, the Dougherty County EMA director, states, "There are still people in temporary housing even a year later."

Both storms caused about $1 billion in damage and $13 million worth of debris removal.

Wirtz said we've come a long way but we still need about three years to recover. She said," It's a very long process, working with the state and working with the federal government."

Residential neighborhoods around downtown Albany were impacted the most from 85 mile per hour straight line winds on January 2nd.

30,000 homes lost power. 85 percent of those households were without power for at least 4 days.

"In many neighborhoods it was about a week," adds Wirtz.

Moving forward, there is some good news. She says, "We are definitely more prepared for a couple of reasons. One being we've been through this a couple times."

She adds people are better prepared now. They know to have their emergency kits ready.

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