8-year-old New York boy abducted, found dismembered

A child at the Boys and Girls Club of Albany on Holloway Drive swipes her security card before she enters. / Mike Manzoni

A Brooklyn, N.Y. boy was on his way home from a day camp Monday when he was abducted and later killed, police said.

The boy, Lieby Kletzky, 8, was only blocks from his home when he asked Levi Aron, 35, for directions. Authorities said Aron has confessed to abducting and dismembering the boy. Police said Aron dismembered the boy when he learned a search was underway.

The Boys and Girls Club of Albany has a number of security procedures in place to make sure one of their children does not go home with the wrong person. One of those measures is a card swipe identification system.

"Once the kid enters the facility, that kid cannot leave out; they have to remain with age group in their program area with their staff counselor," said Bob Hutchinson, the club's operations director. "It tells us what time that kid came to the unit, what activity that kid participated in, and what time that kid left, and who that kid left with."

The system includes even the most specific information about a child.

"On the computer screen it shows up who the child is who the parents of the child, who is able to pick up the child, the child's weight, age, size," said Elijah Bankston, a volunteer at the club.

Children are only permitted to leave the club's facilities with people approved by his or her parent or guardian. If someone not on the list attempts to take a child, staff members know right away.

"If a person come in that is not on that authorization pick up list, the front desk person or even the site director calls the person that registered that kid immediately," Hutchinson said.

The card swipe system is in place at all of the club's ten Albany locations.

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