$2M to go toward new fire trucks in Albany

City commissioners voted to purchase two new fire trucks for the Albany Fire Department. / Mary Green

Albany City Commissioners unanimously approved on Tuesday to spend more than $2 million for new fire trucks for the Albany Fire Department.

The overall cost to purchase two new aerial ladder trucks is $2,091,992. That price takes into account money the city would receive back from selling an older truck currently in the fleet.

Interim Fire Chief Sebon Burns said these trucks would be made to the department's specification. He said the lifespan for fire trucks is around 10 to 15 years, and some of theirs have now met that.

"We're very excited for these new trucks," he said. "It's been a long process, and it'll actually be a long process to get them here because they've got to build them. They build them in Appleton, Wisconsin, so we'll probably go up there and visit and inspect the trucks out and look at what they've got in the plant."

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