Nation eyes Albany's "Saggy Pants Ban"

Ordinance showing signs of success. / Jessica Fairley

Cities across the United States are taking notice of Albany's "Saggy Pants Ban" and local officials are saying the ordinance is paying off.

On Thursday news of the program's success went national, as popular websites such as Yahoo and MSN listed it as a top story.

So far, 187 citations have been issued since the ordinance was enacted last November. This has added up to thousands of dollars for the city.

Albany City Commissioner Tommie Postell initiated the ordinance and says he's glad to see it being implemented.

"Now that it is the law, they are abiding by it and I think the young people and the older people understand that they have to be decent and not indecent," said Albany Ward 6 Commissioner Tommie Postell.

The ordinance bans pants, skirts, or shorts from being worn more than three inches below the top of the hips.

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