Local pastor, doctor receives golden award

Golden Deeds.JPG

A local pastor and doctor is now the 2018 recipient of the Golden Deeds Award, and he's sharing this award with his wife.

On Friday, the Exchange Club of Albany gave this award to Dr. Kerry Reeves.

Reeves and his wife, Joy, have eight children, and four of the eight are adopted.

The entire family moved to Haiti for three years to provide eye care to people who couldn't afford or have access to it.

The Golden Deeds Committee says the work Reeves has done in the community and abroad makes him the best person to receive this award.

"It's just a blessing to be able to help somebody else when you've been blessed,” Reeves said. “You just get to a place in your life when you realized the biggest blessings are when you give. Everybody grows up thinking that it's all about taking and getting. When you finally realize that the most fulfillment comes in giving, it's a pretty cool place to be."

This is the 69th year that the award has been given starting in 1919. It's meant to recognize men and women who make sacrifices to help others.

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