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      Friday: Cloud cover is on the increase as warmer, more humid air mixes into southwest Georgia. Spotty thunderstorm activity is possible during the afternoon & evening. However the best radar activity will remain well to the north. Any storms should be rather isolated & short-lived. Temperatures peak to around 86.

      Friday night: Spotty storm activity diminishing after sunset. We'll spend a few hours with dry weather before the next system arrives early Saturday. Lows, to around 66.

      A new upper level disturbance and surface cold front could bring a few thundershowers to the area Saturday afternoon & evening. However that system should have limited moisture to work with & rain chances/rainfall amounts remain low for now. Highs, to around 82.

      Cooler and dry behind that front by Sunday, especially as stubborn low level clouds linger through mid morning. Highs struggle into the mid/upper 70s.

      Columbus Day: A bit warmer and mainly sunny with a high of 80.

      The next weakening front arrives Tuesday with small rain chances.

      Otherwise, we'll enjoy seasonal temperatures in the highs in the upper 70s/low80s and lows into the upper 50s next week!

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