Win 100 for Coach Mike White

On the sidelines head coach Mike White calling the plays that help get him his 100th career win. / Pat Moroney

Albany State University's football program has seen a good coach grow into a great one as Head coach Mike White earned his 100th career win playing at home against Elizabeth City State University.

The win was important for both his career and for the season. That game tacked on their first win of the season, and for coach White that is what they needed to get back on track.

Coach White said that he was "very proud of getting my 100th win and love all the support from everyone, but looking at this season I am also glad we got our first win."

Over the course of his career, coach White has seen his share of both players and coaches come and go.

White adds that "it was nice to hear from former players and coaches, that have all moved on with their lives and to take a moment to say congratulations, and some I haven't heard from in a long time."

With the big win under his belt and after all the congratulations coach White still knows their is a full season a head that needs to be taken care of.

White,"once everything had settled down, I was already getting ready for the next game."

That next game will be on the road for Albany State as they face off against Miles University.