Westwood Set for State 3-Peat

An argument could be made the Westwood Wildcats are currently the most successful team in South Georgia. The GISA school has been undefeated two straight seasons and, the obvious result, two straight state titles.

Westwood isn't slowing down now as the Wildcats prepare for a three-peat, and it's a realistic goal.

"Well, back to back (state titles) is specialâ|it's something they can always look back on, but doing it three times in a row is more special. It's a very elite group that has ever done that," Westwood coach Ross Worsham said.

Gone are senior leaders Mason Worsham, Caleb Morrell and Douglas Nobles. For this season, a new crop of leaders have developed entering with an unproven attitude.

Running back J.T. Edore is back as the battering ram for the Wildcats. While Mitch Good takes over the quarterbacking duties expecting to fill that leadership void.

"They did what they needed to do and we're just going to have to do what we need to do to win again and have that same leadership," Good said.

"Human nature isâ|once you've had some success it's easy to let up a little and be a little satisfied, but I don't see that in these guys," Coach Worsham said.

Reclassified from GISA-A to AA, the hike won't be easy for Westwood. But it's a challenge the Wildcats are more than willing to accept.

"It's going to be a little tougher from week to week, but when you've got the program where we hope we've got it, where we feel we've got it. You look forward to those challenges," Worsham said.

"It was tough last year for us to go undefeated again in GISA-A, but there's competition in everything. We have a bunch of good teams that we're going to have to face, but it's going to be a good season," Good said.

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