Weather Causes Scrimmage Cancellations

The rain caused problems all over Southwest Georgia on Friday. High school football was not spared.

Scrimmages all over the area were cancelled or rescheduled. In Albany, the scrimmage between Westover and Central Macon at Hugh Mills Stadium was called off Friday morning.

Not every school was forced off the field. Deerfield-Windsor and Pelham were able to carry out their scrimmages as planned.

The rain isn't always the deciding factor. It's the threat or presence of lightning that puts teams at risk.

"We can play in the rain, but we can't play when it's thundering because thunder brings lightning," said Johnny Seabrooks, the Director of Athletics for Dougherty County. "That's a safety issue for the teams on the field."

The weather also causes problems with the playing surface. The turf becomes loose and divots form in the grass. It can increase the risk of injury.

During the regular season, weather-related decisions will be left up to the referees.