Vipers, Sherwood Christian meet up for beepball game

The Albany Vipers and members of Sherwood Christian paired up for a beep ball game for blindness awareness month on Saturday.

Beep ball is a version of baseball. The ball makes sounds so vision-impaired players can hit and field.

The Albany Vipers are a team of vision-impaired local residents that play similar teams in Athens and Columbus. They approached Sherwood Christian with the idea of a game to raise awareness.

"This is a chance for us to get to know these players and encourage them," said Chad Payn, associate pastor of sports and recreation at Sherwood Christian. "It's our chance to build friendships and get to know them and to learn more about the game as well."

For the Albany Vipers, it was just another chance to get outdoors and play beep ball.

"It's a great way to get people active that are blind and low-vision," said Miranda Williams, outreach coordinator for the Vipers. "And get them to understand that there's life after blindness."

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