Under Pressure, Darton State Celebrates Region Title

The pressure has been on the Darton State College Men's Soccer team all season.

The Cavaliers navigated through their schedule undefeated, remained the number one team in the nation for most of the season and are protecting a two year home winning streak.

All those trends and expectations were under scrutiny this weekend. The Cavaliers hosted the GCAA Tournament playing for a spot in the NJCAA National Championship

But Darton State is at its best when the pressure hits its peak.

Playing a man down for most of Sunday's game, the Cavaliers held off South Georgia 2-1 for the GCAA Region Title.

"This is our third time in a row winning it so we just became a dynasty. I can't describe what it feels like I've never had a team that just stayed together through everything," Forward Andrew Palumbo said.

The Darton dynasty struck first midway through the first half on a goal by Alejandro Garcia, but ran in to trouble with 10 minutes left in the first half.

Defenseman Soren Yuhaschek picked up a second yellow card for an automatic ejection leaving the Cavaliers a man down.

GCAA Region Player of the Year Troy Tucker added some breathing room with a goal following the Yuhaschek ejection to give Darton State some breathing room.

"It is so hard to play a man down at this level especially when you played the night before. You have to have a very special group and this is a special group," Cavaliers Coach Bart Sasnett said.

Sasnett wins his third straight region title with the Darton State Men's team. The Cavaliers host the NJCAA National Tournament starting Nov. 12.