U-Save It Tourney Organizer Promises Sanctioned Event

Holiday hoops hit the Albany hardwood for the annual U-Save It basketball tournament, and this year organizers expect a better result on and off the court.

The 2011 tournament ended with a hit to the Dougherty School System's pocket book. Last year, the GHSA fined the participating teams for playing in an unsanctioned event. Tournament officials say it was a miscommunication on who was assigned to fill out the GHSA's proper paper work.

Second year organizer James Little says that mistake will not be made this year.

"We had a miscommunication between ourselves and who usually gets it sanctioned- it didn't get sanctioned, but we were under the impression that it was. When it came to light that it was not sanctioned, we had to face the music. I assure you it's sanctioned this year, we got our paperwork in on time and everything's good to go," Little said.

Little added that an apology was extended to all the schools and all fines were taken care of by Dougherty County.