Two Darton wrestlers remain hospitalized

The Darton State College community was shaken last week when several wrestlers were hospitalized with heat related illnesses. Over a week later, two of those athletes remain in medical care.

Alex Washington, a freshman, is in fair condition at Phoebe Putney Memorial after severe dehydration symptoms.

Ben Richards, a sophomore, is in more serious condition after suffering a heat stroke. He was airlifted to a hospital in Gainesville over the weekend due to kidney and liver complications. He is still medically sedated, but doctors believe he has improved.

Darton is taking measures to ensure better safety of their athletes. Becky Mohl-Borer, head athletic trainer, is monitoring their diets and water intake. But more must be done to ensure serious incidents don't continue to occur.

"We have already met with our doctors and we are re-reviewing those policies to see where we stand and to see if we were following our policies," Mohl-Borer said. "As of right now we're just gonna try to implement some extra safeguards to make sure our athletes are safe while they're participating at Darton State College."

Offseason wrestling workouts resumed this week under head coach James Hicks.