Twitter "I did not report" gives victims a voice

Social media site helping women and men speak out against crime. / Jessica Fairley

As social media grows, it's becoming an outlet for domestic violence and sexual abuse victims.

Twitter handle "I did not report" is getting hits from people all across the world.

Women are going on the page pouring out stories of rape, incest, and domestic violence that they never reported before.

Many say the reason behind not talking to police was fear, but Dougherty County's District Attorney says it may not be too late for many of them.

"In particular rape there is a seven year statute of limitations from the date of the event. If the matter happened within seven years, the victim can present evidence of that rape," says Greg Edwards, Dougherty County District Attorney.

He says in the state of Georgia, once a child victim turns 16, that's when their seven years for the statute of limitations begin.

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